Hatton Hill Nursery introduces opposites day

Date: 08 Jul 2016

Bright Horizons Hatton Hill Day Nursery and Preschool has held its own opposites day after the children became interested in both wet and dry materials.

The materials which sparked the interest included sand, pasta and lentils, all of which were involved in the full day of opposites.

The day began with the children being welcomed with a ‘goodbye’ before they took charge of preschool. The latter involved reading stories to the staff and writing up the weather and letter of the week board.

The children were able to explore wet and dry lentils, as well as both heavy and light bricks. They also drew on black paper with white pencils and white paper with black pencils.

The playhouse was also laid upside down, with the bedroom on the ground and living room upstairs, while the toy animals were also sorted into meat eaters and grass eaters.

The children also counted backwards and said ‘hello’ as they departed.

“The day was an exciting way of developing the children’s knowledge of opposites further,” said Nursery Manager Annie Smith. “They become really interested in different things and we were able to take part in a wide range of activities to enhance their interests.”