Green Gardeners in full flow at Leeds

Date: 22 Jun 2016

Children of all ages at Bright Horizons Leeds Day Nursery and Preschool have begun harvesting the fruits of their labour, at the nursery’s own allotment used to grow vegetables.

From toddlers through to preschool age, the children will continue to plant, care for and cultivate various fruit and vegetables as part of the company’s Green Gardeners programme.

The first vegetables to be harvested this year will be lettuce and runner beans.

“The children are able to get outdoors and learn about the importance of planting fruit and vegetables as part of the programme and through our nursery allotment,” said Nursery Manager Fiona Stewart. “They also get a hands-on experience of both the planting and growing process.”

The Green Gardeners programme aims to encourage the children’s curiosity and interest in nature in order to understand the natural world that surrounds them.

The eldest of the children are also able to develop the appropriate language for naming plants and seeds, while the youngest are taught to understand and differentiate between the textures of natural materials.

Green Gardeners is a year-round programme that is enacted both inside and outside the nurseries in order to enhance knowledge on the impact and benefits of natural care.