Chocolate excitement

Date: 28 Apr 2016

Youngsters at Bright Horizons Clairmont Day Nursery and Preschool on Gravel Lane in Wilmslow had a very special visit last week from local chocolatier Oliver Dunn, who helped the children make their own delicious chocolate pizzas and lollipops.

The children learnt where the chocolate ingredients comes from and how it is made. They observed how it changes its substance from solid to liquid when it’s heated. Oliver also made chocolate lollies with their names for the children, who then took them home and shared them with their parents. The children enjoyed licking off their chocolate moustaches which they painted on their smiley faces. 

“We try to arrange a variety of fun activities for the children, especially activities that involve members of our local community,” said the Nursery Manager, Angela Brandwood-Greene. “What a fantastic afternoon we had! The children enjoyed decorating (and tasting) their delicious creations.”