Local children learning healthy eating habits

Date: 11 Mar 2016

The children from Bright Horizons Tytherington Day Nursery and Preschool (recently renamed from kidsunlimited) enjoyed digging in the garden and growing their own vegetables for their menus.


After digging the vegetables up, staff and children washed them and then ate them to experience what the home grown raw vegetables tasted like.  Noel, 3 thought that eating carrots will make me see in the dark. 

The nursery team wanted to build on this activity and introduced the children to a range of less familiar fruits such as passion fruit and avocado. The children explored the texture of the fruits and talked about how they grow. They were then offered the opportunity to taste them.  

Ellis, 4, said: “Pineapple is my favourite. It’s juicy and spiky and squirts when I bite it.” Erica, 3 commented: “Vegetables and fruits make you grow muscles so you are strong.”

The children then painted their favourite fruit and vegetables and discuss further with Amelia, 4 saying: “I will buy the fruits from the shop and tell mummy that they are yummy and good for you.”

Nursery Manager, Lorraine Roberts explains: “We see a great importance in these kind of activities because good eating habits will have a huge impact later on in their adult life. Bright Horizons have been recently awarded The Menu Checked endorsement by the Children’s Food Trust and we are very proud of the new menus we offer in our nursery, they have been designed, together with a the Children’s Food Trust Nutritionist Laura Whiting to promote healthy eating habits.”