Cool science experiments

Date: 21 Mar 2016

The little scientists at Active Learning Finchley Nursery and Preschool on Moss Hall Crescent have been taking part in various exciting experiments as part of British Science Week, which celebrates science, engineering, technology and maths.

When small Mentos sweets were dropped into fizzy drinks, children were awestruck by the marvellous explosions. The teachers explained to them that carbon dioxide gives soda its bubbles, helping them to understand what caused the eruption.

The children also enjoyed mixing various colours and observing what colour they changed into, transforming blue and yellow into green. The little scientists also used pipets and paper to transfer the coloured water and learnt about volume and absorption.

Active Learning Finchley Principal, Poppy Hinton, said, “Our Growing Scientist activities are both educational and fun and are always the children’s favourite as they enjoy learning through imagination, creativity and play.”