Reading is fun

Date: 11 Feb 2016

The youngsters from Bright Horizons Didsbury Day Nursery and Preschool (recently renamed from kidsunlimited) on Barlow Moor enjoyed reading the much loved story: The Gruffalo Child by Julia Donaldson.

A delightful story about a clever little mouse who has to tell lies in order to survive and a Gruffalo Child who sets off into the "deep dark wood" to find the "big bad mouse".

As children read the story some of the comments made by the children were: ‘It’s funny’, ‘The snake is my favourite’, ‘I like it when Lauren reads this book’.

This story has a great rhythm and is easy for the children to follow.” explains Tracey Wrigley the Nursery Manager. Story telling plays an important part for developing language skills and enhances imagination and thinking and we look to use our Growing Readers Program to nurture children into independent readers and to inspire a lifelong love for books and stories.”