The joys of gardening

Date: 02 Feb 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Teddies Basingstoke Nursery and Preschool on Chequers Road have been enjoying the joys of gardening in recent weeks.


The children have been planting seeds, watering them and waiting in anticipation as they began to grow.  The activities are part of the nursery’s  bespoke ‘Green Gardeners’ programme which looks to help the children to develop new skills, learn about science and nature and to form healthy eating habits by growing their own food.


There are so many benefits to the children of getting outdoors and taking part in the gardening activities, they’re able to exercise, enjoy the fresh air and more important learn and have fun!”  Explains the Nursery Manager, Deidre Mellors.


“The children have enjoyed caring for the plants and getting messy. Our aim is  to encourage the children's natural interest and curiosity which is crucial to developing an appreciation of the world around them.”