Basingstoke kids hatch baby dinosaurs

Date: 05 Feb 2016

There is no doubt that dinosaurs are cool and pretty much loved by all children, and this point was proven as children from Teddies Basingstoke Nursery and Preschool took part in a very special scientific experiment.


Baking powder, food colouring and water were used to mould eggs around small dinosaurs and left over night to harden. The next day, the small explores poured on vinegar and watched as the eggs frothed and then cracked to reveal the baby dinosaurs.


Nursery Manager, Deirdre Mellors: “This was by far one of the most successful activities we’ve ever ran in the nursery, the children absolutely loved taking part and the awe on their faces as the baking soda reacted with the vinegar and the eggs began to hatch was priceless.  The experiment was part of our bespoke Growing Scientist programme which looks to offer children an innate sense of wonder and endless enthusiasm for the world around them.”