Children enjoy making their mark

Date: 15 Jan 2016

Preschool children at kidsunlimited Tytherington Day Nursery and Preschool have been practising how to write their own names and have been taking part in other mark making activities as part of their bespoke Growing Writers and Growing Readers activities.

It's an exciting moment when your child begins to experiment with different-shaped scribbles and patterns, this is known as 'mark making', and it is the start of a journey towards being able to write and is a real developmental milestone. 

Nursery Manager, Lorraine Roberts explains: “We have incorporated lots of mark making into our daily activities, for example we arrange for fun letter hunts, write letters in sand and create letters by using playdough, all of which helps the children to develop the muscle control needed to move on to fine motor movements, such as being able to grasp and manipulate building bricks and hold pencils or crayons for mark making.  She continues to describe the children’s progress: “It was fascinating to watch the children - how they advanced from the initial stages of writing to forming more controlled marks, many of our children can now write their first name from memory.”