Children get a special visit from Police

Date: 08 Jan 2016

It was so exciting when the flashing lights and siren went off at kidsunlimited Crewe Nursery and Preschool on Crewe Business Park.


The preschool children have been learning about their local community, and to bring the learning to life a local police officer visited the nursery to talk to the children about the vital role the police play in helping and supporting our community.


They listened intensively to the PC’s explanations about the many ways in which the police help everyone, and they also were given some road safety tips.


“As part of our commitment to keeping everybody safe we have been focusing on people who help us and the roles that they perform, “ explains the Nursery Manager, Stephanie Beesley. “The children had a fantastic time and were also able to sit in their big police car and try their police hats on.”