Children explore the outdoors

Date: 25 Nov 2015

Children at Bright Horizons Grena Road Nursery and Preschool visited Richmond Park to learn about the outdoor environment, as part of their Forest School approach to learning.

The management and staff team wanted to explore the benefits of Forest Schooling; an excellent cross-curricular teaching tool which allows the children to have fun while developing their physical motor skills, building their social skills and gaining confidence. Amongst various activities, the children built fairy houses, fed ducks and examined the surrounding by using their senses. The staff asked them various questions like: “What do you think a tree trunk will feel like? Does the bark of smaller trees feel different to bigger trees? What animal or birds sounds can you hear? Which colours can you see? And what smells can you smell?”

Nursery Manager, Kate Hobbs said: “We had a really enjoyable morning in the park, outdoor play has a real positive impact on children's learning and helps them to connect with the natural world.  When we returned back to nursery we extended the children’s learning with our Growing Artists Programme by making a selection of exciting crafts using the natural resources we picked up along the way.”