Bright Horizons Barnes Day Nursery And Preschool To Open On October 26th 2015

Bright Horizons Barnes Day Nursery and Preschool to open on October 26th 2015

Date: 23 Oct 2015

The nursery is located on the corner of Castelnau and Lonsdale Road, just a 10 minute walk to Hammersmith underground station and a short walk to Barnes high street.  The nursery also includes 6 car drop-off spaces, making it ideal for commuting parents, and will be open 52 weeks of the year, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Bright Horizons’ have carefully selected a nursery staff team who will lead the children through a range of educational activities, nurturing each child’s imagination and helping them to develop and learn in a warm and friendly environment.  For babies and toddlers they create a safe world, rich with opportunities to actively explore, with books, songs, and lots of listening and responding to their vocalisations and words.  For toddlers they offer the manageable challenges and relaxed environment that two to three year olds need.  Staff understand the frequent changes in moods, interests, and capabilities and provide calm, consistent care and supportive teaching.  For pre-schoolers, Bright Horizons have created bespoke Ready for School Programmes which prepare children for the next steps on their learning journey.  These programmes include Growing Readers, Growing Writers, Growing Mathematicians, Active Athletes, Cookery Club and Gardening Club.  Extra-curricular activities include French classes and Theatre bugs.

Lydia Green, General Manager at Bright Horizons, said, “It’s wonderful to be opening another nursery in such a premier location. Over the past year we have worked hard to apply our knowledge, built up from 30 years of successful openings, to create the best possible environment in which children can flourish and naturally love learning forever.”

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