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Broadgate Nursery

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Broadgate Nursery is Deutsche Bank’s OFSTED registered and approved Workplace Nursery, managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. We are based in close proximity to the Deutsche Bank Appold Street offices, offering convenient access for our clients. The nursery is exclusively for the use of Deutsche Bank employees.

“Extremely satisfied with the care provided to the children. Great, friendly, family-like atmosphere, we had no problems with both of our children settling in. We believe it is helping them to grow up more confident, sociable and well prepared for further schooling” - Parent at Broadgate

Broadgate Nursery offers permanent nursery care to children of Deutsche Bank employees (nursery care is paid for via tax-efficient salary sacrifice scheme) and up to 20 days of emergency Back-Up Child Care for all permanent Deutsche Bank employees free of charge.

We provide care for children up to 8 years old (ideal for parents during the school holidays) and Back- Up Care services can be used whilst on maternity leave, supporting any Deutsche Bank mothers that are making the transition back to work.

“On the occasions my son has attended the back-up care, he has settled in very quickly, been made welcome and appears to enjoy the whole environment” - Parent at Broadgate

At Broadgate Nursery, younger babies enjoy a cosy and comforting, ‘home from home’, while older children enjoy a wide range of activities designed to promote learning and development. Our pre-school children focus on preparing for their first steps in education, with an introduction to subjects that they will soon be encountering at “big school”. We aim to give pre-school children a head start in learning, equipping them with the academic self-confidence required for school success.

“I value backup childcare as an extremely valuable benefit and on many occasions it has enabled me to work when I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. It shows DB's commitment to work life balance and support of working families” - Parent at Broadgate

Broadgate Nursery has recently been completely refurbished and extended -we now have a brand new baby room with 30 additional spaces for under 2’s. The nursery has a beautiful split level garden with safety surfaces and decking with a vegetable garden on the second level. Extra-curricular classes such as Yoga Club are available for older Broadgate children (2-5 years), while our Cookery Club and Gardening Club are extremely popular with children, staff and parents alike.

Freshly prepared, high quality, nutritious meals are available for all Broadgate children, and our open door policy means Deutsche Bank parents are welcome to drop in for a visit at any point throughout the day!

“Children are happy and all staff strive for improvement to provide high quality care and education. Staff’s good knowledge of child development and of each child ensures that children are included and are making good progress. Children really enjoy exploring the well organised, stimulating play environment that the provision provides both indoors and outdoors... Parents are well informed through comprehensive records they keep, the clear written policies they provide them with and the time staff take to talk to parents” - Ofsted October 2008